Tips for choosing a security camera and video surveillance

Increasingly, video surveillance cameras are becoming present in all places; there are more and more models with different technologies and prices starting from really economics options. Not long ago the use of a surveillance camera was something reserved for a few people and empresses; today anyone can buy a camera at bargain prices.

There are now a number of cameras, and micro cameras increasingly smaller and more specialized surveillance for a wide range of possibilities and applications.

What camera do I need?

That depends on the value you want to give, depending on the use that we will give the security camera, we were more interested in another type

Cameras to watch nannies or maids at home while we are not at home, a hidden camera is installed in a place of living, dining room or bedroom and attached to a recorder. Served here small, wireless, mini cameras can be brought at a low price.

Security camera monitoring the yard, park or garden house, in these cases, installing surveillance camera that is foreign can be with infrared for night, wired or wireless vision.

The best in these cases is to place security cameras in conspicuous places; you could even make visible the monitor to let customers know that at any time can be seen. It can be used over Color CCTV camera or a dome that is more subtle but equally effective.

Discrete surveillance cameras are used in places where it is not well seen that cameras are placed in visible form. Installing a hidden camera, well camouflaged to pass unnoticed. Can be for example a hidden camera in a smoke detector or even hidden in a PIR sensor, which pass completely unnoticed.

Night surveillance video cameras will be used at night, to activate recording when an alarm or motion is detected. One is installed, the video surveillance cameras that record digital video.

Surveillance cameras in workplaces, they install cameras with motion, these security cameras covering large areas and allow direct the camera to the desired objective and even zoom to get clear images and sharp, used to control employees, improving productivity.

Video surveillance cameras online or also called IP security cameras. One is installed surveillance system remotely, there is a full range of tele-monitoring systems consisting of cameras and video servers are suited for a small room with only one camera, or multiple branches with centralized monitoring and controlling systems that can be monitored and controlled no matter where they are.