Tips for choosing your security system

Choose an alarm system for our home can be a simple task when you consider the particularity and housing needs. A good security system will be protected against possible risk and to feel safe. There are several companies that offer these services for your complete peace of mind.

Having a good security system installed in your home, among other benefits, it can help to have a discount on home insurance with your insurer, ask the experts.

The 12 keys to choose the security system

  1. Make a full investigation into the different companies providing the service, you should be aware of certain indicative of which are:
  2. The number of years of experience in sales of security systems.
  3. Additional advantages of the security company, such as: a guarantee against theft, the free reinstallation if you move, access the system remotely from your work, etc.
  4. The advice and possible options or plans in security systems for each particular case. Ask about the different systems, from the cheapest to the most expensive to hire the best service and depending on your budget.
  5. The quality of the offered equipment: if they are of latest technology or modern.
  6. Specialized service such as monitoring 24 hours daily.
  7. If you can communicate with the company quickly and easily.
  8. If you have support facilities in other centers.
  9. If the security system has some source(s) of additional energy, because if you get to go light, have a power generator will be vital.
  10. That the level of usability is suitable for all family members to emergency it can easily enable or disable.
  11. You must verify that the security company you consider hiring legal.
  12. Find the time of the contract, to know how long you have the right to request equipment maintenance or replacement thereof in case of failure, etc. and exclusions of the contract, in other words you must know what is included in the warranty and what not.
  • Have sales service.

What should my security system?

What to include security system varies depending on the needs and budgets, however, what all good and complete system should have is:

  • A numeric keypad.
  • UN panel de control.
  • A siren.
  • A motion detector.
  • Some mechanism for door contact with a connection to the nearest station.
  • Surveillance cameras.

It is clear that the security system is not only related to the sensors, security cameras and alarms; is any method used to protect the home, such as having security doors, security bars, safes, protected shutters, among others.

Each person defines what you need depending on your experience, standard of living, the environment and the different psychological factors. Additionally you can protect your home against domestic dangers with anti-fire systems, smoke detection, fire or carbon monoxide.